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About ForecastCycles

ForecastCycles aim is to be a valid tool to gather info and be a support of manual and robotic trading. The seasonal analysis of a time series, the starting core of our project, in which the data experiences regular and predictable changes that recur every calendar year, could be very effective as support of trading to find confirmation or negation for a possible trading opportunity.

Why ForecastCycles

We think that investments are a matter of information. Better information mean better decisions, and better decision means better outcomes. Our algorithms and ranks are thought for those traders and investors who want to save time doing market analysis as well as finding possible best deals according to seasonal and statistical analysis.

We ourselves are investing money by doing manual and robotic trading, and we love to develop programs and platforms that ease the process of market analysis for ourself first, then for other people. We are also open to traders' proposals and ideas regarding the creation of innovative products.