How to add Expert Advisors to MT4 Charts

Oct 30, 2023

How to add an EA to its Chart.

To add an Expert Advisor to its MT4 Chart, open the chart you want to trade from 'Market Watch'. (1)

In this example I have a strategy for S&P500, so open the chart of "Usa500" which is the CFD of S&P500 in ActivTrades, and I put above the chart the EA. (2)

Open a chart in MT4, add the EA to it, set the Symbol Name

I write in 'Symbol Name MT4' the base name of the symbol, which is 'Usa500'. (3)
To read how to insert the correct 'Symbol Name MT4' parameter check this

Click OK.

I got an error:

The error appears because I set 'Fixed Lots'=0.01, while the minimum lots tradable for S&P500 is 0.5.

To see from MT4 that the minimum lots tradable is 0.5, go to 'Market Watch' => right-click 'Usa500' => click 'Specification' => read 'Minimal volume'.

MT4 Market Watch - Symbol Specification

So I change 'MM Value' to 0.5.

Changing a parameter in the EA inputs

Click OK.

Now it works.

To be sure that everything is ok,  check in the upper-right of the Chart. If there is a :) smiley face the EA is active and it will start trading.

MT4 Chart - smiley face equals active EA

Save the Templates

Is possible to save the configuration in a Template, that can be loaded in the EA instead of writing input parameters.

Save the EA Template

Repeat the procedure for each EA you have

Repeat the procedure for each EA you have.

Next we will make available a system to manage the EAs and to automatize most of the set-up time.

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