How to add automatically Expert Advisors to MT4 Charts

EA MT4 Nov 7, 2023

The 'main' EA

For an Algo-Trader who has many EAs, the set-up on MT4 is very boring. The work to be done for each EA of the Portfolio is:

  • open the Chart of an instrument
  • add the EA to the Chart, and set its input parameters

ForecastCycles solve this problem. It offers a special Expert Advisor, the 'main' EA.

The 'main' EA allows to open all charts and apply to them the Expert Advisor and its input parameters. The 'main' EA is able to do that by reading configuration files called 'Templates'.

To download the 'main' EA, download a 'Portfolio' of Anomalies.

The 'Template' of an EA

The EA Template (.tpl file) is a configuration file, that contains all information relative to a MT4 Chart:

  • from the color of the candles of the Chart
  • to the EA and its input parameters

It is editable with every text editor (Notepad, VSCode, Sublime etc.)

When you download an EA from ForecastCycles you download also its Template.

How to edit a 'Template'

How to edit a 'Template' of an EA

If you edit an input parameter in the EA, you have to edit also in the Template.

For example, if you edit the input parameter 'Stop Loss Value' of the EA, you have to edit also the  input parameter 'Stop Loss Value' in the Template. By doing that, the 'main' EA will set the 'Stop Loss Value' automatically.


Set-up the Templates of the EAs, put them into 'MQL4/Files/FC-Files/Templates'

  • Copy and paste the Template of the 'main' (main.tpl) in 'MQL4/Files/FC-Files'
  • Open a chart, for example 'EURUSD'. Right-click above it => 'Load Template' => main.tpl
  • Done


Andrea Ferrari

I deal with Programming and Finance, I lead the R&D of ForecastCycles. I strongly believe that Seasonality, COT and Macro and Fundamental analysis are the basis for Trading and Investments.