How to configure the settings of MT4 for Algo-Trading

EA MT4 Oct 28, 2023

To enable AlgoTrading and optimize the MT4 settings follow these steps.

AutoTrading button

In the upper-menu, left-click on AutoTrading button

AutoTrading button in MT4 disabled

And it will turn green

AutoTrading button in MT4 enabled

Options of Expert Advisors for AlgoTrading

In the upper-menu, click on 'Tools', then click 'Options'

MT4 Tools > Options

Click 'Expert Advisors' tab, and select the options as shown in the image:

MT4 Tools > Options > Expert Advisors

Click 'OK'.

Options to optimize MT4 performance

The only disadvantage of using MT4 is that of using a slightly dated and not very powerful platform, so settings must be optimized to avoid it crashing.

1. Reduce the 'Max bars in history'
Reducing "Max bars in chart" should offer a dramatic performance increase.

To do so, in the upper-menu click 'Tools' ==> click 'Options' ==> select 'Charts' tab ==>
- set 'Max bars in history' 2000.
- set 'Max bars in chart' 1000.

MT4 Options - Max bars

2. Disable unnecessary features
Even new computers might experience MT4 lagging, high memory usage, and annoying slowdowns. To reduce MetaTrader's memory leakage, we can disable 'News' and 'Email' notifications.

MT4 Options - News and Email notifications

3. Keep in 'Market Watch' only the symbol needed and don't open new Charts
The EAs automatically:

  • add the Symbols in the 'Market Watch'
  • opens all the necessary charts

Do not add other symbols and do not open other charts to avoid worsening performance.

MT4 Market Watch: Hold only the necessary symbols


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