The stongest Currency (by far)

General Jan 29, 2023

I noticed something that might really interest you. You may already know this, but I want to share it.

Even if I am not a fan of currencies, since Central Banks can print them without limits, there is one currency you should focus more about.

It is a currency with a clear STRONG historical uptrend. It is the only one.

Which is it?
...US Dollar?

I am going to tell you, just let me tell you one thing before:

  • in ForecastCycles we have added the 'Currency FC Index' , e.g. "USD FC Index", "EUR FC Index" etc.
  • the index is based on the strength of a currency with respect to the 9 major ones (USD, EUR, CNY, JPY, GBP, CAD, AUD, CHF, NZD).
    Each one is similar to how it is computed the famous "Dollar Index".

Ok, it's time.

The strongest currency is the Swiss Frank (CHF). From 1971 to today it is having an average appreciation vs the other majors of more than 2% yearly.

I am thinking to swich progressively some of my EURO to CHF to diversify and to exploit this strenght.

Don't you believe me?

CHF Index

And verify with your eyes, and/or do your own research!



Andrea Ferrari

I deal with Programming and Finance, I lead the R&D of ForecastCycles. I strongly believe that Seasonality, COT and Macro and Fundamental analysis are the basis for Trading and Investments.